Restoration & Repair

It doesn’t need much but there are a few things that can used touched up.

After a quick pre-surgery bath.

Rear End Redo

If you have read the last entry from the Little Car Show, then you know the car wasn’t in a great state.  The rear diff was howling, and the starter wasn’t starting.  My original plan of attack was to remove the entire rear end so I could repaint the axle housing while things were apart.  I ended up taking too long to get around to it though and time was a bit short before JCCS. The new plan was a…

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Alpine sound via a classic 5902 head unit.

When I first picked up the Corolla it had an original OEM AM/FM Cassette deck that the previous owner had meticulously put together from pieces of other units as I was told.  The drive back with the car told me that one rear channel worked pretty good, and the other three not so much.  The Cassette portion didn’t seem to work at all, but to be fair I only had a cassette adapter and not a real cassette to test…

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Exedy Carbon Single clutch upgrade.

The stock clutch was on its last leg to put it nicely.  A quick shift or the old higher gear high load test would cause it to slip, so I have been taking it very easy on the Hachi thus far. In the shop hanging out with its Supra sibling waiting to get this party started. One step closer … and ewwwwww…. greasy.   I didn’t think Mike Rowe was going to stop by anytime soon, so I had to…

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More TRD (Plug Wires)

Out of the most recent changes to the car this was by far the most simple in nature.  I debated about doing it, but after having so many problems with water filling in another (MR2) project I wanted wires that actually fit. You can tell by the comparison how much better the “stock” TRD wires fit compared to the aftermarket ones.  Well worth a few more dollars going to Lithia Toyota.  Ignore that rear view mirror in the pic, it…

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