JCCS.  Not the cars first year in attendance, but obviously the first year I have taken the 86 down for this.  If you read the last post, then you know there was more than a bit of work that happened recently.  Well that wasn’t finished up until the Thursday before we were supposed to leave.  With only a single trip around the block on the freshly assembled differential, I decided not to risk driving it down this time…. just in case.   See mom once and a while I make the smart choice!


The drive down was pretty uneventful other than the truck wanting to run a bit hot pulling up the grades with the extra load on it.  I’ve had the electric fan upgrade on the truck for quite a few years, and they were used when I installed them, so it’s probably time to swap them out for something newer and better.  Loading the car on and off the U-haul trailer wasn’t too bad.  This car isn’t ridiculously low, but we still managed to need some 2 x 4’s at the Queen Mary to clear the exhaust.


The show itself was good, and I will eventually have more photos from it on Bay Area Auto Scene.  We met a few more owners that we hadn’t met at Toyotafest and ran into a few we had already known.  To be honest with the amount of work I have done recently on the entire fleet I was really just happy the car made it and that I could relax a bit for a day.



We did bring home what I think will be the car’s final JCCS award, at least for a while.  Unless I have time to do some major work to the car in the next year, I can’t see taking it back to compete again.  Of course I may be open to a display only spot if the right opportunity came along.


The trip home was more of the same, 100+ degree temps, and not able to run the AC to keep the truck from overheating with the added weight.  On the plus side at least I wasn’t just suffering alone in the 86 with no AC while Jamie drove the 4Runner taunting me with the ice cold AC on high as is usually the case!


One of the unique things we brought back (not physically) is some film pictures from the event.


I know this gentleman from Instagram only, but he was nice enough to let me share his captures of the car here.


I am told the camera in question was a Ricoh Range Finder using some Kodak Portra 160 Film.  Not the first time I’ve posted film shots, and again this look really makes me want to find the time to play with my own film bodies.


You can see more of Evan’s work on his Instagram account.