this 1984 Toyota Camry Liftback is both the newest and oldest vehicle in the collection. i picked this up recently intending to drive it for a short period of time while we finished up some of the other projects and then sell it.  the fact that it has its own section here should give you a clue that it isn't up for sale.  with only 135k miles on it and having been cared for by a single extended family for its life before me meant it needed very little to once again be an active member of the automotive community.   after a bit of basic maintenance it was put into a driving duty and has been so far been flawless in the execution of that task.  it has recently been upgraded with an Avital Alarm System adding security as well as keyless entry to all 4 doors.  future plans involve a rolling stock upgrade by way of some period correct Enkei Aeronautics wheels that will be wrapped by Toyo Tires as soon as the restoration process is finished on the wheels.

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