X Mas Trip 2016 Days 5-14

Map 1


Day 5

Day 5 starts off in Rifle Colorado and things shift from an adventure to more of a traditional Road Trip.


We saw lots of scenery at speed.


And lots of um “scenery” still at speed.

The only real stop of the day was to finally find my Grandpas burial sight.  We’ve asked before, but never had great directions to find it.


This year we had better directions, and we reached the church just as the sun was setting.


We had just enough time to grab a couple of photos.  More importantly however after a few failed attempts and a few “I wish we had more light”s, I finally know exactly where it is making it a bit easier to stop by in the future.

Map 2Day 6-14

Day 6 through 14 was spent in Omaha, some of the time with family, some of the time doing some exploring, and well some of the time eating.

Downtown Omaha:



Downtown Omaha is full of unique shops and vintage brick buildings.




We did some shopping and we did some shooting.  It’s a bit hard for me to be excited about this part since we have been here more than a few times before and well I grew up here, so I feel like I’ve seen it all before.  Even if I haven’t.

Hummel Park:



Hummel Park has a legitimate history, and if you look for it, you will probably find more myths about ghost stories and paranormal activity than anything based in facts about the park. DSC00730



The “Morphing Stairs” for example have plenty of write ups talking about how you can never count them, but not much more about the real history.


Regardless of the history real or fake, the park certainly has a spooky feel to it.


The Food:



Growing up in the midwest meant growing up on burgers and Nebraska BEEF in general.


To say California’s food options don’t really do it for me would be an understatement and then some.


If you are ever in the neighborhood, here’s my suggestions for food: Godfathers Pizza, Runza, Pepperjax Grill, Farmer Browns Steakhouse, and Village Inn if you still have room for Breakfast.


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