Xmas Trip 2016 Day 3

Day 3Day 3 started off in Moab Utah, and if you are familiar with the name, than you probably know why we are here.

DSC00514To finally get some dirt under the 4Runners tires.


We have tried in previous years to tackle a couple of the trails in the area, but the weather has always made us think twice.



While snow doesn’t scare me, not being able to see obstacles under it on an unknown trail has kept us being better safe than sorry.  This year the weather was perfect.



We started off at “Chicken Corner”.   This was basically a fire road with several camp grounds off of it.


The “off roading” wasn’t really challenging here, but the scenery was reason enough to be on this trail.



Beautiful picturesque landscapes, and very minimal people to share them with. DSC00528


The second part of the day we headed over to Gemini Bridges.  This trail was more difficult, but still nowhere near a hardcore off road trail.

While a slightly more challenging trail was fun, once we got to the Gemini Bridges it was all about the scenery again.


The twin bridges stand at around 160ft in height. At one point you were able to drive across these, but no longer. It is still open to foot traffic.


Unlike some other states, the beauty of this area hasn’t been ruined with fences or anything else of the sort surrounding the main attraction.

Looking down Bull Canyon from on top of the bridges.

Really the only sign of man here is the single plaque dedicated to one of the people that have lost their lives here.


As you walk around the area it’s easy to see how the slightest mistake or small lapse in judgement could turn out to be disastrous.   Neither Jamie nor I are a fan of heights, and she was quite surprised after I snapped this photo and then told here she was standing over a giant cave.


While walking around it wasn’t uncommon to hear a hollow thud as you stepped on the next rock.


After about an hour, it was time to head back.


Since we were headed back to Moab for the night we headed out the same we came in. Again to some amazing views.



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