Point Reyes … Failure #2



So back on January 9th I finally decided to make the drive out to San Rafael to check out Seawood photo.  While I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without,  it’s nice to know where to find a good collection of old glass if I’m ever in a hurry to buy something.



Since we were out that way anyway we decided to make the drive out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse again.  Last time we tried to stop by happened to be a day they were closed, so I was excited to get a chance to see it.  Things were going well and we actually spotted the boat this time and stopped to take a couple snaps of that.  Shortly after leaving the boat I got the privilege of a local sheriff making a home on my back bumper.  Apparently he didn’t want to actually take advantage of the  passing zones, but having someone right on my bumper made any sort of animal shots on the way out pretty impossible.

The frustration really hit.  Just down the street from the lighthouse they had the road blocked searching for a missing person.  Why they didn’t post someone or perhaps a sign 40 min closer to the main road is beyond me.  Nothing but time wasted.

DSC03737 (2)-Pano


We attempted a beach stop before leaving the area but the sleeping sea lion had some jackass in a safety vest keeping me from getting to the side of the beach that didn’t have a 30 person selfie party going on.



If you ever wonder why I often post more from the areas I don’t live in, this wasted day is a great example.  It is so much easier and less restricted to travel and sight see in other areas that the Bay Area often doesn’t seem worth the hassle.  We did make a final stop to snap the bridge before wasting even more time driving out to Mercedes of Walnut Creek to find out they had “just sold” the vehicle we made the drive to look at.

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