Metal Fab Monday

I know it seems like this bumper project is dragging on longer than it should be.  I wish I could say you’re wrong, but it really is taking forever.  I thought I had an idea for mounting the RotoPax and license plate, but once I picked up the metal I changed my mind.  For the new idea I had to order the actual RotoPax mount, which took a few days to come in.  Then I had to find time to make the parts.

I finally settled on a design that uses a “C” shape to sandwich the upper bar of the tire carrier and will bolt through vertically.  For the license plate mount it was just a matter of adding a top to the provided plate mount.  While I’m sure the LED bolts provided with the bumper will technically light the plate, they just weren’t my style.  By adding the upper portion it will allow me to mount a more traditional style licensee plate light.  Those are in the mail so no photos yet.

It was also a good bit of TIG practice, right before I took the grinder to them to round them out.

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