Car Week Souvenirs

As any good mid 80’s car owner should I search Craigslist on a regular basis.  Car week was no exception.  Even though we weren’t driving the Camry I was still shopping for parts when I came across an add for some Enkei Aeronautics.  No this isn’t a repeat post, yes I already have a set of these.  These are different though, these are 4 x 114.3 bolt patter which means they won’t even fit the Camry.  So why did I want them?  The original center caps!  While my 3D Printed Caps worked, there was an issue.  The PLA didn’t like the heat.  They were starting to distort which means they weren’t fitting anymore.  The new set of three caps was far from perfect missing tabs and being abused from people that didn’t know what they were doing, but the wave washers were all there and the caps were at least a starting point.  Now I just have to repair and refinish them.

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