Concorso Italiano 2019

Car week 2019 came and went as is always does and I got to attend my favorite event as usual, Concorso Italiano. They have some of the best cars, hospitality and vendor tents there, not to mention some of the food trucks they bring in. They claim is it’s the worlds largest luxury and exotic car show, well I will agree. It’s the largest one I’ve even been too. Everything is Italian, the cars, the food, the people, etc.

This year they changed up the layout of the event which I think it worked out well, a lot more walking to do up hill, but exercise never hurt anyone. As always the car groups are broken up and spread out, like car groups are placed next to one another. There is never a shortage of Alfa’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Pantera’s, etc. Each year I fall in love with something I have to have or aspire to have, like this little convertible Fiat below. I don’t remember exactly what it is, but I know I need it!

During the lunch hour, Concorso host’s a fashion show that is put on with some of the fashion vendors there. It has started the last two years with little kids stealing the show, this year did not fail. It opened up with a preteen girl cruising out in a little derby car, cute as could be. It was a nice way to break up the day and take a few minutes to rest our feet.

I feel like a broken record, but if you’ve been to this event, it is something that should be on your bucket list and attend at least once in your life. It’s a great time, beautiful cars, and a great crowd. Well until next year, please enjoy the photo set from Concorso Italiano 2019.