The Japanese Automotive Invitational – Car Week 2019

Car week, automatically you think of the exotics, the untouchables, the most expensive cars in the world. Well move on over Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc. Japanese Classic Imports are making their mark in the Car Week world. This is the 2nd year in a row they have made a presence during car week with a really amazing display of cars and trucks and few SUV’s.

This year, there were more cars on display and different rare models. Infiniti puts on this display with Motor Trend bringing cars in from all over the United States for the week out in Pebble Beach. It’s one of the displays that you must see, you will appreciate it. Anything from Nissan Cosmo, only 2 exist in the US, to a Honda CVCC. I think everyone could pick out a few or two that they would want in their collection. Until next year, enjoy the photo set below.