Sacramento Autorama 2019

If you don’t know what the Sacramento Autorama is by now, then you don’t follow us close enough. We have gone the last 6 out 7 years living in the Bay Area. It’s the GNRS for Northern California, but a little different. Not all the cars are the same, same with the vendors and as well all the people who drive on for the show on Saturday and Sunday.

There are always a few cars or trucks that you find yourself drooling over, they have a way of catching your eye. You some really great and unique builds, it’s pretty amazing. One of the winners this year, The World’s Most Beautiful Custom, the 1940 Buick dubbed Pamela was garage built and the owner did majority of the work himself, he’s part of the Napa’s Squires Car Club. It was a stunner, and well deserved award!


Overall it’s generally a long day, we ended going out a little late so we wouldn’t be there all day waiting for the Pin Up contest which on the flyers the time was wrong. It said 5pm, but it didn’t actually start till after 7pm, so we left. Maybe we’ll catch it next year if the timing is right. From my own personal perspective, this year of the last 6 years we have gone, it was a little light on cars and trucks, especially the drive in section. It’s generally wrapped from the first building down to the Suede Pavilion but this year, there was a handle full of cars parked out in front of the Suede Pavilion. I was a little disappointed, even some of the building were a little light on vehicles. Not sure if it was the weather that kept people away or what, but it wasn’t like the last few years.


Well, until next year, enjoy the photo set below!


Sacramento Autorama