Monsters of Japan & Sacramento Auto Show 2018

Well this was a first for us to do and see, and I liked it. This year we went to the Monsters of Japan and had two of Brandon’s cars in it. It was put on by Twisted Images, a shop that is located in Sacramento. It was a great show in addition to the Sac Auto Show that was going on showing all the new cars and trucks that the manufacturers had coming out.

Twisted Images had two halls for their show and there were other clubs or shop owners that had the other halls with a lot of cars, trucks and campers on display. Definitely was wide variety in what was being shown that wasn’t a new car or truck. I like to think of it as there was something for everyone, even the kids.

The auto makers had driving courses set up so you could test drive a car that you made be considering purchasing or if you just wanted to test drive something you were able to. There was also a driving course set up by SMUD, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District for Electric cars and SUV’s since it is the wave of the future.


Until next year, enjoy the photo set below!