Japanese Classic Car Show 2018

Last year we weren’t able to make it down to JCCS in Long Beach, but we did this year. We finally made it to the new location, it used to be at the Queen Mary, but now it’s at the Marina Green Park which holds a lot more cars than previous location.

It was nice to seem some new builds and cars that I have never seen before, and some different cars that we don’t see because we live up in the Bay Area. It’s changed a lot in the last 7 years we have been going, as things change as time passes by it’s either good, for the better or it’s just not working. I personally like the Queen Mary location better, but the parking situation always sucked there. The nice thing about the new location was not all the cars were piled on top of one another so you were able to pull off some different shots.

The thing I love about JCCS is there is such a wide variety of cars, even though there is always the some of the same cars there every year. It’s the one show a year that is dedicated to the Japanese Classic cars, trucks and motorcycles. Always a good variety of vendors too, I think this year was one of the best and a lot more food options.

Till next year, enjoy the photo set below.