Legends Of The Autobahn 2018

We’ve covered this event enough times in the past that you should probably know what it is by now.  Just in case though, lets cover the basics.  Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi are the primary marquees you will find on hand.  Most of these are from just before the hippie era to just after grunge died off, but a few older and a handful of newer aren’t unusual either.

The BMW crowd brought the 2002 models out in full force.  Like to a degree that can only be described as ridiculous.  Seriously there was no way to even attempt to shoot all those.  For the Mercedes lover the Gullwing is always a magnet, but it had company this year.  The Ambulance and Hearse were attention grabbers for sure, but green 82 Wagon, and the World Traveler 82 200D were the ones that really did it for me.  One’s has been meticulously cared for and stored, and the other has been loved from one end of the earth to the other.

Audi fans will probably drop their jaws over the twin turbo R8, but for me a single turbo and the word Quattro is more likely to get me attention.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll throw it out again.  We need more shows like this, and if you own or love these cars, you need to be here. Every year has offered plenty of different cars to gawk over, so I have no doubt that next year will be another not to be missed event.


Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.