Midnight Mass 2018

Midnight Mass this year was a sizzling hot one, 102 to be exact, but it felt warmer than that! Great show as usual put on by the Poor Boys Car Club out in Woodland at the Fairgrounds. It always draws quite the crowd, more so at night as the sun is setting.

From old school classics to 1970’s American muscle to Rat rods and pure customs, that is what you will find here as well as builds in progress. Everyone is really friendly at this car show, lots of car clubs, some solo, just depends and people come from all over the Bay Area out to this show.

We actually saw a few bands perform to this year, one group was one of my favorites of the day, the lead singer truly sounded a lot like Johnny Cash, he sung his songs well!

Around 5pm is when the Pin Up Contest starts for Miss Midnight Mass. This year I give these ladies a lot of credit for some of the stuff they were wearing in this heat, better them than me! I believe there were 12 contestants this year and all did really well. A lot of strong women out there and did great in front of the crowd.


Over all this years Midnight Mass was fun and a great show for people of all ages. Looking forward to next years, enjoy the photo set below!