The Little Car Show 2018

Ahhhh, The Little Car Show! One of my favorite car shows of the year and events during Car Week in Monterey. The Little Car Show is a car show that takes place during car week each year in Pacific Grove, it is a car show for all cars that are no greater than 1,601 cc displacement engines or electric powered engines.

The event is held by Marina Motorsports, and when they reach 100 cars, they close the show. It’s a great show located in the heart of downtown Pacific Grove. There are a lot of little restaurants, coffee shops and little boutique stores to tote around in while walking around the car show seeing a car you may have never seen before.


You honestly never know what you are going to see! Every year there are some cars that are the same but there is always something new you have never seen there. Some cars like the Isetta by BMW looks like it could be a kids car because it’s so tiny, but really it’s not. It’s actually a sought after car that is worth a bit of money these days. Some of you know it as the Urkel car from the old hit TV Family Matters.



Until next year, please enjoy the photo set below!