Gambino Kustoms The Sitdown 2018


Another year, another Gambino Kustom’s The Sitdown. No, it’s not a mobster Sitdown, it’s one of the best Kustom Car Shows you will attend. If it’s not a true kustom, you will have to park on the road. Nothing stock and or new is allowed, you will have to park it on the street with all the other daily drivers.


From bright flashy paint jobs, to one color paint jobs, you never know what you are going to see. One of my favorite things to see is the glittery roofs some people choose to do. I saw a few new kustom’s this year that I have not seen yet, and dear lord they were beautiful. From one Impala that had a lace paint print through out it and a Chevy that was in a dark cherry color that shined like no other with the sun light hitting it.



Didn’t get to stay for to long this year, but the time there was well spent shooting these beautiful kustom cars. until next year, please enjoy the photo set below!