Norcal Old School Import Meet 7.26.18

Another month has come and gone which means we had another Old School Meet in the South Bay. This month, it was at a new location. I guess the owner of the property where they were holding the meet for the last 10+ years said it could no longer be held there. It was moved over by the San Jose Airport near Staples.














Attendance was pretty big, a lot of people showed up, I think it was more of a central location and worked better for a lot of people plus it’s right off the 880 Freeway. It didn’t last long, Staples threw a fit and called their Rent-A-Cop, when no one listened to him, he called his back up. When no one listened to his boss, they called the cops. Needless to say we had to move spots.













We ended up at the final resting spot for the evening in the Fry’s parking lot off Brokaw. It ended up working out, we hung out for a little longer before heading home. Not sure where it will be held for the month of August, so we shall see. Hope it all works out and we have a place to keep going back to for this meet.


Till next month, enjoy the photo set below!