Wekfest San Jose 2018

Wekfest San Jose has come and gone, this year it was their 10 year anniversary from when they first started this show. Needless to say, it was a great show, one that you have to experience at least once in your life. Wekfest premiers and showcases automotive builds for the auto enthusiasts in the aftermarkert automotive industry. You have to apply to show your car, and if selected after explaining and showing pictures why your car deserves to be in the show, then you get to show your build to the spectators that show up.

With this being their 10 year anniversary, they did not disappoint and they added an additional 100 cars to the venue. It was a little tight, not going to lie and staging the car wasn’t the highlight for me. Somehow I got stopped right where the dumpsters were and the slight wind blowing on a 95 degree day made for a real treat of a smell. You asked why I didn’t roll my windows up, well being in a 1984 Toyota Camry the AC is not working at the moment, so windows down was my only option.

Leading into Sunday, the day of Wekfest. The day was a long day but the show was short or so it seemed. Wekfest packs the people in, some people stood in line for 3 hours, that’s a lot longer then my patience can handle! Saw some of the fellow car owners we know, met a few new people, overall the show was a good one. The guys who founded Wekfest are a bunch of nice guys and have helped keep the import car scene alive. Definitely look forward to more shows in the future. Until next time! Enjoy the photo set below.