Pacific Coast Dream Machines 2018

Let me start off by saying last years Pacific Coast Dream Machines was a tad warmer then this year. The fog and wind stayed with us till at least 1pm, then the fog started to burn off for the sun to come out. It made for some great shots though.


This year we brought out two of the cars, the 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS Coupe and the 2000 Toyota 4Runner that is outfitted for overland exploring. Both vehicles got a lot of looks and the 4Runner was striking up a lot of conversations and looks.

After getting in the show and finding a parking spot everything else fell into place. We were parked near a great group of people that were in a car club and there was one car on the other side of the Hachi.

We took turns walking around and snapping photos of what was at the car show and air show. I like this car show because you see all sorts of variety of things. There is no specific car/truck type you can show, you can show anything here, and that’s what makes this a great show.On top of that, there is the air show going on too. Lots of old war planes flying the sky above as well as some skydivers jumping out of planes.


Well until next year, enjoy the photo set below!