Concorso Italiano 2017

Car Week in itself is about as close to a fantasy camp as you can probably get for a car junkie. Every fantasy camp has a climax of some sort. Maybe you get to hit the field with your favorite player, or maybe jam with someone who makes more money in a minute than you do in a month. For the car week fantasy camp, your peak moment could be a bit different from the person next to you. It just depends on your tastes. There are in fact several shows with a different focus for each after all. For me their is something special about the Concorso.


The sheer volume of cars could be part of it. There aren’t any other shows throughout the year that have this many Italians in attendance.

It also could be the rarity of the cars. I often see not one, but multiples of your favorite childhood poster cars.

Then again, maybe it’s that you can “find” multiple cars that you never new existed before that moment.

Whatever it is, it works for me. This is one of the few shows you will find me at all day. Very often I am running in and out of other events trying to make it to multiple places on the same day. Not here, I’m usually here early and there until close to the end. There is just so much to see that even this being day 5 of car week isn’t enough to keep me from taking it all in.


Car week for me was introduced to me by Brandon, I honestly had no idea that it really existed until living in San Jose and going down to Monterey with him to see all these beautiful cars. So many events go on during the week that it’s near impossible to go to every single one despite how expensive just one event can be. Of all the events that take place, Italiano Concorso is by far one of my favorites.

The shear amount of cars this event brings in and volume of people is amazing. You don’t see a lot of the old school restored Alfa Romeo’s just driving around on the streets today. I love the variety of the cars that people show here and the vendors on display. The passion that the owners have for their cars too is awesome, they can sit and talk to you for hours about what they have done to the car, where they have taken the car, etc.


Overall, if you ever get the chance to go to Italiano Concorso, do not pass it up. You will not regret it.


Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.