Concourse on the Avenue 2017

The Monterey Car Week kickoff event. Well at least for me anyway. The Concourse on the Avenue is a little like ordering a sampler platter. You get a sample of almost everything you are going to experience the rest of the week. As long as its vintage anyway. The Concourse on the Avenue doesn’t have space for newer vehicles, unless you are writing a big check to be a sponsor like Acura. This shouldn’t be a problem though. With the collection of cars on hand anything more would just be a distraction anyway.

There were plenty of cars that grabbed attention, but probably the biggest crowd could be found around Gordon Tronson’s Twin Engine Four Blower Model T and the 4 Engine Econoline Truck. Before anyone ask, while I didn’t see the Econoline run, We did pass the Model T in traffic later in the week. It is indeed a driver.

The Ridler Award winning Chip Foose Built 65 Impala dubbed “The Imposter” also brought a steady stream of people in for a closer look. While it only had one engine under the hood, the details on this car could keep you staring for hours. I would love to see it side by side with a stock restored 65 just to see if I could spot all of the differences.

Not that these were the only cars that were tough to see behind the people. The Jaguar Prototype and Datsun 510 took a while to get a good look at as well as others.

And to think this was just the “Sampler” show!

Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.