Norcal Knock Out Round 8

Coming only two weeks after the Poor Boys Midnight Mass, and being less than 20 miles away it might be easy to want to skip this event. They both cater to the same types of car builds so you might be assuming it would just be a repeat of the last show, and I probably would have agreed.

Luckily I’m just down the street from the Dixon fair grounds now, so I was going to go and support the show even if it did end up being just a copy. Walking inside was rather surprising however. Sure there were a couple of repeats, but the majority of the vehicles on hand were builds I hadn’t actually seen before. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though. It was rather warm outside which seemed to have a little bit of an effect on how many people came out, and how long people were hanging out. Since the show runs from 2 until 10PM it should be easy enough to avoid the heat next year though.

Enjoy the photo set!


Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.