2017 Monterey Car Week Wrap Up

We are just going to start this assuming that you have a clue what “Car Week” is. If not well you’ll probably figure it out by the end.

Car Week started for me on Saturday the 12th with a massive cleansing of my laptop and hard drive trying to finish up old photo sets and move things around to get ready for the upcoming week. I managed to finish up everything by the end of Sunday which just left prepping my own car on Monday.

Monday morning I started by replacing the rear axle seal on my Corolla followed by several hours of detailing. Then came the camera gear. Bodies and lenses were cleaned and organized. I was finally ready to start car week.

Tuesday morning and I mean MORNING I left Dixon and headed down to Carmel for the Concourse On The Avenue.

The Concourse is a great way to stat things off. There is generally a pretty wide variety of cars and trucks on hand and this year was no exception. The crowd is what I would call “normal car show” sized. Nothing super crazy, but enough people to get you ready for the week.

After a few hours here, it was time to head to Campbell to drop the daily to get the previous weeks landscape truck debris damage fixed.

Wednesday started off again early morning to make sure we could get down to Pacific Grove with the Corolla. We made it the 175 miles or so with out issue, and had a great time at The Little Car Show. This show is always fun. Some quirky cars, nice owners, and just over all a good time. We participated in the Cruise portion of the show and left Pacific Grove around 6pm. This put us home in the 9 o’clock hour. After a couple hours of packing, photo transfers etc, I was finally able to go to bed around midnight.

Thursday started off at 3AM with a drive down to Pebble Beach to catch the Tour D’Elegance. We checked things out at the starting line for a bit and then drove off to the woods to get a spot for photos.

Once the tour had passed by we moved over to Carmel for the tour arrival and to take another close up look at the tour participants.


We cut the day a bit short and headed to Hollister since that’s the closest hotel we could find for a reasonable price.

Friday is the day of the Trifecta. Legends of the Autobahn, Werks Reunion, and finished up by Exotics On Cannery Row.

Legends is one of my absolute favorites. Every year that I have been to this show, I have walked away after seeing something I have never seen before, and this year was no exception.

The Werks Reunion is all about the Porsche cars, and even if you aren’t a die hard fan of them this show is worth stopping by. The sheer number on hand is staggering alone, but with a closer look you can find some real gems in the mix.

People tell me there were cars at Cannery Row, but to be honest all I really found was a mass of people right next to another mass of different people. Obviously this is a popular destination for super cars and spectators alike.

Concorso Italiano was first up on Saturday. The only problem was that loud “pop” we heard when I started the truck outside the hotel turned out to be something failing in the power steering system. Now with 290k on the original parts I can’t really bitch…. but really? The Saturday of the Concorso is when it decides to fail? There wasn’t much else you could do other than muscle up and drive it anyway. A few hours of Italian beauties and I had forgotten all about my personal car problems.

Around lunch we took time out of car watching to shoot the fashion show that they put on. I’m no professional fashion photographer, but I’m always willing to give it a try.

We ended Saturday by heading to Salinas to pick up my “souvenirs” from the trip. A new used set of wheels means I won’t forget my trip any time soon!

Last day. My legs had walked several miles more than normal, my arms were starting to feel driving around with all terrain tires and no power steering and we had checked out of the hotel and headed towards Laguna Seca for the Historic Races. I thought I had taken care of everything, but when we arrived at the track and were told that our Media Parking Pass was for the same general parking out in the middle of nowhere we were taken by surprise. It wasn’t much of a choice, I could either risk several thousand dollars of gear left in a parking lot well out of ear shot or drag my 50 lbs of a gear around all day. I guess this was a wake up call. Normally we just worked from San Jose and drove down each day and only took what we needed so this wasn’t a huge deal. This was a first year of needing to stay on location. So long story short you won’t find any race photos here. It made more sense to limp the truck home early before traffic got to bad, and save my arms and legs from the massive walk. Maybe next year we can park somewhere near the action to properly cover the event.

Even skipping the last day’s event, we had an amazing week. It’s just a mind altering week, that skews your perception of what people drive. It’s very hard to go back to reality of not seeing all of these amazing rides on a regular basis. Luckily it doesn’t all of to end just yet. We can all live vicariously through this site while we bring you individual coverage of each event of the next few weeks!

Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.