Showstopperz 7th Annual Summer Fest

The Showstopperz Summer Fest was a first for us, we never really made it out this way to attend this show when we lived in San Jose but now that we are closer to Concord we thought we’d go check it out. What can I say, it was hot, there were a lot of great cars and trucks, great entertainment and lots of award categories.

This show is open to about any type of car and truck you can think of, so it was a great mixture of old and new, custom and semi-custom, etc. Showstopperz Car Club had this show very well organized and was on the ball when it came to the awards ceremony at the end.

Despite it being 104 that day, over all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and showing off their car. Looking forward to next years Summer Fest and hoping it won’t be so hot 😉


Enjoy the photo set below!