Custom Capital 2017

Back in the day before I tunes or spotify or whatever, artists would release a CD,  or album or even a cassette.  When you went to the store, you usually knew a song or two going in, but there were others that you didn’t really hear until you got home.  The question was always are these going to be hits that hadn’t been released yet, or filler material that neither you or the artist would ever hear of again?  Most of the time there were at least a few filler song there, unless you got an EP.

The EP was never as long as a full album, but what was there wasn’t filler crap, it was exactly what you wanted to hear, and almost always for way cheaper than a full length album would be.  So what hell does any of this have to do with the Custom Capital?  Well  this show reminds me of an EP.  Entry is cheap (at $10) and there isn’t a lot of filler crap to skip trying to get to the good stuff.  From car to car, you are probably going to be looking at something you really dig, not some filler material that you don’t care about.

To award these ladies and gentleman for their hard work there were no judging score sheets, and no “best of this make or model” type trophies.  Instead a few industry  insiders, and a few local clubs each gave their pick, and that’s exactly what was engraved in the side of the award.  No one was left questioning how they lost best blah blah blah to this that or the other.  It was an opinion and the award said it was just an opinion.

Enjoy this years photo set.