Hot Import Nights 2017

Hot Import Nights this year was a little like last years but the car attendance was down. Maybe it was the unusual heat wave San Jose was having so early into June or maybe some other car event was going on at the same time, not sure. As we all now or should know by now, HIN is a import tuner car show with a night club kind of feel with vendors and models.

This was my 8th time attending HIN in the last 12 years and to me it’s not the same show anymore. You don’t get to see a lot of the cars fully built anymore, you see a lot of cars with their hoods closed with wheels, exhaust and stickers on them. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a good amount of cars that do have a lot of mods done and look good being shown off in vendor booths or car clubs.

In addition to the car show are the HIN models, some are models for companies promoting their products and some are there vying to get nominated as Miss HIN San Jose so they get to travel the circuit to the other HIN Shows through out the US. Let’s talk about one of the hosts of the show for the last two years now in San Jose, Jargon. He keeps it real and is quick with the one liners, which are absolutely hilarious. He doesn’t disappoint as a host or musician, him and his girlfriend performed this year and they were great.

As the car scene seems to be changing, I think Hot Import Nights is changing. Maybe I’m just getting older and nothing stays the same. We’ll see you next time HIN.