No Automotive For You!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post much here, or even make it out to many events, so I figured I would at least offer an explanation.


Back in December I received an email from the landlord at the shop space I rent stating that “he could no longer allow cars to be parked outside overnight”.  Well after 5 years of renting this came as a bit of a shock, but I told him they would stay until April when our lease was up and then we find somewhere else.


This proved to be easier said than done.  We started the usual craigslist searches and random driving around looking for signs.  Several calls to real estate agents later it was quite apparent it hasn’t gotten any easier to find automotive space in San Jose.  We had a few agents lie to us just to get us to come look at space only for everything to fall apart once we told the building owner or management company that we were in fact going to be storing and working on cars inside the space.  I even sat through a 30 minutes of questioning about how often I use a welder at one place!


At this point we had given up on staying in San Jose, and started looking towards other areas with in reasonable driving distance from our home and day job. No luck. The search expanded. I figured worse case we may end up as far out as the Hayward area. While Hayward seemed far more open to the auto professions, the spaces we found were rented and for several years, so no waiting out a lease to expire.

I was seriously considering moving the entire car collection, and tools to Nebraska to split a shop with my parents business. Years ago I owned and ran a performance shop and the large number of break ins has taught me I don’t want to be too far from my tools and cars on a daily basis. Moving things to Nebraska would mean my parents would be able to keep an eye on things. The down side of course would be rarely having a chance to get out there to work on things.

When my Dad’s health started taking a downward direction again (apparently listing to the Dr is too difficult). I started wondering if we would be closing down his shop sooner than later and making my move a wasted effort. Starting back at square one we opened our search up to a ridiculous radius, and finally found space. It had room for all of the cars, and was even the dream live/work space that we (or maybe just me) had often searched for. The problem? It’s 100 miles away (literally) from where we were and where we still work.

So what does all this mean and why is it posted here? Well I am now doing a 200 mile a day commute, and I am far closer to Sacramento than the Bay Area, so I’m not sure what this means just yet for this website. Much of the spare time I once used to edit and post here is going to be spent in a car commuting. The fact that I am committed to driving 50k miles a year to and from work also brings into question how often I will want to make a similar drive on the weekends to be back in the Bay for events.

In closing I would like to say San Jose and surrounding communities zoning commissions can eat a bag of dicks. I find it amazing that these areas that are supposed to be so open to so many things are so completely prejudice against anyone that works on or play with cars. Not all of the automotive community wants to be in a shit hole space with broken cars everywhere.

Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.