Corolla Matsuri – Spring 2017

Back in March I took a trip down to SoCal for an all Corolla drifting session. Being an AE86 owner and fan of drifting, I had to go participate. I know what you’re thinking, why go all the way to SoCal for drifting when there are places here in NorCal? A couple reason: 1) Nearly All Corollas (mainly AE86s) 2) It was on a Go-Kart track!!! I mean why would you not attend if its on a Go-Kart track? This event was kind of crazy in that there are anywhere from 3 to 15 cars on track at the same time! Drivers were telling me this is how it’s done in Japan, so might as well experience it. Its so much fun and if anyone is into drifting, attending an event like this is a must.

All of these drivers are at different skill levels, some are more aggressive than others, and there were a couple of instances of crashes. Unfortunately I was driving this event too, so I didn’t have my camera when these crashes occurred. When I got on track I made sure to give tons of space because the last thing I want is to have a collision (out in the middle of nowhere). I don’t think I mentioned that the track (Grange Motor Circuit) is out in Victorville/Apple Valley California: basically out in the desert; where its hot and there isn’t even a gas station for at least 6 miles. Getting into the park is a bit of an adventure as well: after getting off the freeway and main road, you still have about 2 miles of driving on dirt roads to get to the track. Driving a lowered car through this terrain is not ideal to say the least; super bumpy and have to watch out for any holes to not get stuck in. It made me realize I really need a truck and trailer. If you love being off road, its great. Well, I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Oh, that’s just me drifting. Big thanks to my friend Vince for taking some photos of me when I was driving.

Very nice photo taken by my friend Vince.