Blackhawk Cars and Coffee – July 3, 2016

2016 July Blackhawk CnC-14

Over the July 4th weekend we planned a short simple cruise over from Castro Valley to Blackhawk to the monthly Cars and Coffee meet there. The drive on Crow Canyon Rd all the way up to Blackhawk is pretty low-key and it didn’t rank too high on our list of exciting group drives, but it was enough to get a bunch of us out on the road together, and earn 86-driving participants an 86DRIVE SummerDRIVES STAR on their cards. If you drive an 86, FRS or BRZ, be sure to check out the 86DRIVE Events calendar to see what other events we have this summer that will earn you a STAR!

Blackhawk Cars and Coffee… it’s a pretty regular stop for our coverage here at BAAS. Turnout was great, as you’d expect on a long holiday weekend with good weather. I had a few friends along who had never been to this event before, and so it was fun to walk around and see the looks on their faces as they encountered vehicle after incredible vehicle and become overwhelmed, almost numb from the sheer magnitude of the gathering. As one of them said to me, “just think, every one of these cars has a unique story of how it came to be here, and you could literally spend hours just stopping and talking to a handful of the owners to learn some of those stories.” I didn’t have that much time to spend on doing that on this particular day, so I snapped some photos and will let those tell the story as best they can.

2016 July Blackhawk CnC-9

2016 July Blackhawk CnC-3

2016 July Blackhawk CnC-13

2016 July Blackhawk CnC-21

I’m a driving junkie. Nearly every free weekend I have, I find myself out on the back roads, enjoying the scenery and driving my cars the way they were meant to be used. Occasionally I’ll do a track day or autocross as well. In 2013 I started 86DRIVE, a driving club for NorCal enthusiasts who want to go out and enjoy their cars doing some real driving, whether on the canyon roads or the racetrack. When I can’t be driving, I’m fidgeting around with my cameras and learning to take better photos or videos.