Trackspec Autosport’s 1-Year Anniversary Party – 10/24/2015

Local auto performance and tuning shop Trackspec Autosports recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary since their shop opened its doors in Fremont, CA. In their own words, “We are car enthusiasts just like our clients and it is our mission to serve the Bay Area car community with quality work and excellent customer service. Services we offer include, but are not limited to: track preparation, fabrication, performance upgrades, tire installation, alignments, corner balancing, factory-scheduled maintenance, diagnostics and repair. We mainly focus on high performance European and Japanese vehicles, with specialties in Lotus, BMW, Porsche, VW/Audi, Mitsubishi, and Honda/Acura.”

Not having been over to the Trackspec shop before, we took the opportunity to come out for their anniversary party. It didn’t hurt that they promised delicious free food, raffle prizes worth hundreds of dollars, and a chance to pedal a drift trike around a small coned-off course for prizes and driftocross glory. And of course, a gathering of some spectacular exotic and high-performance cars, many of which were presumably customers’ cars. Well we saw all that and more, and it really turned out to be a fantastic event with a lot of impressive cars on display. A big thank you to Jon Vo and the Trackspec Autosports team for their hospitality and a fun day! Check out our gallery below for more photos.


I’m a driving junkie. Nearly every free weekend I have, I find myself out on the back roads, enjoying the scenery and driving my cars the way they were meant to be used. Occasionally I’ll do a track day or autocross as well. In 2013 I started 86DRIVE, a driving club for NorCal enthusiasts who want to go out and enjoy their cars doing some real driving, whether on the canyon roads or the racetrack. When I can’t be driving, I’m fidgeting around with my cameras and learning to take better photos or videos.