Vintage Auto Salon in San Leandro, CA


After Leaving Cars and Caffeine I then headed out to San Leandro for the for the Vintage Auto Salon.  New for the this year was the date being moved to include 1988 and older Makes and Models.  As well as having Rocky Auto owner Yoshiya Watanbe on hand doing autograph signing and judging the event.  I hope this wasn’t suppose to be a vacation for Watanabe-san, since he was working harder than anyone else at the show.


As much as I love the old school Japanese Cars at these events I wasn’t there only for the classics this time. There was a much younger model I had in mind to put my Camera to use on.  Ellen Raie was meeting me there to do a couple of promotional photos for the then upcoming MR2 Annual Meet that she had just signed on to do.  So for those of you at the show that wondered why the mid engined Toyota’s disappeared early they actually just moved down a lot for some MR2 only photo fun.

Since my Vintage Auto Salon coverage is lacking a bit I included a few of the photos from the MR2 Ellen Raie shoot to make up for it.  In this case I’m sure you all will make an exception for her not being old enough to qualify as a vintage model.


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Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.


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