Hudsons at the Golden Gate


Finally,  a “Doc” I wanted to see.  If you don’t recognize “Doc Hudson” from the Disney Pixar film Cars, then I can only guess that you have been living in a cave for some time and you probably aren’t reading this anyway.  Or perhaps you are one of those deeply disturbed individuals that only thinks of cars as  mere transportation.   If you are, then I urge you to seek immediate help for the nearest gear head.


For those of you that do recognize “Doc”, how much more do you really know about the history of the Hudson automobile?  If you were like me, then probably not a whole lot of detail.  However there is help for us as well.   I had the pleasure of catching the International Hudson Essex Terraplane Club  during the end of the week long 2013 meet in San Mateo.  The 2013 “Hudsons at the Golden Gate”  marked the 54th Annual International meet for them.   Stop and think about that for a second.  54 years of yearly meets is something that most other shows and meets could only dream of achieving.  There has to be something very special indeed about owning a Hudson to keep people traveling in from all over the planet year after year for that long.



I originally stopped out on Friday evening to see what was going on and if I had really missed all the fun things since they had started celebrating on Wednesday of that week.  While I had missed their drive and a few other events they assured me that that all the cars would still be on display come Saturday.   So the following morning I headed back out to check them out in the daylight. While some were packing up to make the drive back across the country for home, there were still plenty of people hanging out and talking cars.  Maybe more importantly driving them.  When was the last time you had to step out of the way to let something originally manufactured in 1909 zip by?  While I still haven’t had a chance to drive a Hudson and see what the racing heritage is all about, I have had a chance to meet some of the people in the HET club and that alone would be a good enough reason for me to want to add a Hudson to my fleet.

Enjoy the pics everyone, and keep an eye out for an upcoming California Hudson meet in October. You too can finally be excited about a trip to see the Doc![gallery_bank_album_cover album_id=20]

Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.

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