August 6th MR2sday




Normally I don’t post much from the Bay Area MR2sday events here, but since the August 6th (or 8/6) happened to fall on a Tuesday this year and the guys and gals from the 86 Drive site stopped by to celebrate their holiday I figured we had enough attendance and variety to share with all of you.


While the MR2 attendance was a bit low with a few owners finishing some last minute changes for the annual meet (coming up later this month) the FRS and BRZ numbered in the 20s. The date celebration also brought in a few of their predecessors, like the AE86 Corolla in the lead shot.

Its always good to see a few generations of vehicles able to get together, and even better to see Toyota/Subaru’s latest effort doing well.  Hopefully the sales figures jump start a few more vehicles with a bit more heritage from the sport side of things.

 Thanks again to and for hosting the event, and be sure to check out their respective sites for upcoming events if you are local to the Bay Area and own one of these great cars.

As always there are more images in the gallery below.

August 8th Edit: added a few more photos from PMok.


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Sometimes I take photos. Sometimes those photos are good enough to share with other people. Sometimes those people like the photos.

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